In addition to the discussion and analysis of the research results, we will include research materials, trends, and field reports.

KAIS, which makes the "Infrastructure Improvement of Knowledge " one of its policies, will also actively publish materials that have not been widely featured in traditional academic journals, for example, translations and annotations of the original texts, thematic chronologies, technical glossaries, and annotated thematic bibliographies.

If you would like to contribute, please contact the Editorial Office.
In addition, "KIAS Bulletin" has been issued once a year since Volume 6 (2012).
And from Volume 16 (2023), it will be published only online.
The deadline for submitting manuscripts for Vol. 16 is April 30, 2022.  

 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 15 was issued (March 2022)


 Vol.15 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Socio-economic Impacts of Islam on Capitalism, Civil Society, and Modernity"

Editor's Preface (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 1
Potential of the Islamic Economy as a Post-capitalist Economic System (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 3
Rethinking Islamic Leisure from Market Islam/L'Islam de Marché Development of Moral Communication in the Neoliberal Piety (YASUDA Shin) 18
The Birth of Social Justice in Islam: How Modernity Has Redefined the Prophetic Message (Frédéric COSTE) 33
Sociogenesis of Islamic Finance in Europe (Bochra KAMMARTI) 49
In Search of Living Citizenship and the Islamic Habitus: The Muslim Private School as an Alternative Space for the Formation of 'French-Muslims'in France (YAMAMOTO Mayuko) 71

Ijtihad-based Developments of the Waqf System in Islam and its Re-institutionalization in the Contemporary Context: Historical and Theoretical Reflections (Ammar KHASHAN) 93

Japanese Part

Special Feature “Toward Revealing Complexity of the Phenomenon of Sufism-Tariqa-Saint Veneration”
Editor's Preface (TONAGA Yasushi) 119
Four Contrasts for Thinking about the Study of Islamic Saint Veneration and Its Surroundings (AKAHORI Masayuki) 138
Current Issues and Future Directions in Ṭarīqa Studies: Sufism and Groups from the Perspective of Communities of Practice (MARUYAMA Daisuke) 149
Paths and Prospects of Understanding Sufism: Three-Axis Framework and Four-Quadrant Theory (TONAGA Yasushi) 163

The Multiple Expressions of Divine Command in the Sources of Shariah (Islamic Law): A Study on Methodologies of Textual Interpretation in `Ilm Uṣūl al-Fiqh (KOSUGI Yasushi) 180
Islamism in the Study of Middle East Politics: Beyond 'Methodological Secularism' (SUECHIKA Kota) 205
Humanitarian Aid in Times of Conflict: Development of Syrian Diaspora Organizations based in Turkey (SATO Marie) 222

Research Note
Syrian Refugees in the Historical Genealogy of Lebanese-Syrian Migration: Towards a New Analytical Framework (NAKANISHI Moe) 240

Research Reviews and Research Trends
A Survey of Previous Studies on Carpets / Rugs of Central Asia: Concerning "Uzbek" Carpets / Rugs (SHIDA Natsumi) 254
A Survey of Previous Studies on Sufi Psychology: Traditions and Contemporary Developments of Sufi Therapy in Turkey (FUJIMOTO Azusa) 271

Poems from Bang-e Darā (The Sound of the Caravan Bell) (2): A Japanese Translation of Iqbāl's Urdū Verse (15) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 289

Book Reviews
Nishio Tetsuo, Tonaga Yasushi (eds.), Chūtō-Isurāmu Sekai eno 30 no Tobira (30 Doors Opening to the Middle East and the Islamic World). Reviewed by SHIOJIRI Kazuko 296
Takao Ken’ichiro, Goto Emi, Koyanagi Atsushi (eds.), Shūkyō to Hūki: "Sei naru Kihan" kara Yomitoku Gendai (Religion and Public Morality: the Modern World Seen from the Perspective of "Sacred Norms"). Reviewed by AKAHORI Masayuki 305
Ghazi bin Muhammad, Gendaijin no tame no Isurāmu Nyūmon: Kuruān kara sono Shinzui wo Tokiakasu 12 Shō (A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam: The Essence of Islam in 12 Verses from the Qur'an). (Reviewed by NEJIMA Susumu) 310
Ikehata Fukiko, Shūkyō Fukkō to Kokusai Seiji: Yorudan to Isurāmu Kyōryoku Kikō no Chōsen (International Politics in the Time of Religious Revival). Reviewed by MATSUMOTO Saho 314
Yamao Dai, Funsō no Inpakuto wo Hakaru: Seron Chōsa to Keiryō Tekisuto Bunseki kara Miru Iraku no Kokka to Kokumin no Saihen (Measuring Impact of the Conflict: Rebuilding State and the Nation in Iraq from the Public Opinion and Text Analysis). Reviewed by HAMANAKA Shingo 317
Suechika Kota, Chūtō Seiji Nyūmon (An Introduction to the Middle East Politics). Reviewed by MATSUO Masaki 320
Chiba Yushi, Yasuda Shin (eds.), Gendai Chūtō ni okeru Shūkyō, Media, Nettowāku: Isurāmu no Yukue (Religion, Media and Network in the Contemporary Middle East: Where Is Islam Headed?). Reviewed by YOKOTA Takayuki 325
Yagi Kumiko, Kamino Yomisuru Kekkon: Isuramu no Kihan to Gendai Shakai (Marriage Praised by God: Regulations in Islam and Practices in Contemporary Society). Reviewed by TAKEMURA Kazuaki 328
Ishihara Minako (ed.), Ai to Kyōsei no Isurāmu: Gendai Echiopia no Sūfizumu to Seija Sūhai (Praying for Others: The Tij?niya and the Oromo of Ethiopia). Reviewed by FUJII Chiaki 336
Tonaga Yasushi et al. (eds.), Isurāmu no Tabunka Kyōsei no Chie: Shūen Isurāmu Sekai no Sūfizumu ni Chakumoku shite (The Wisdom of Cultural Coexistence in Islam: Focusing on Sufism in the Marginal Islamic World). Reviewed by SAWAI Makoto 338
Suechika Kota (ed.), Siria - Rebanon - Iraku - Iran (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran). Reviewed by WATANABE Shun 344
Sherali Tareen, Defending Muammad in Modernity. Reviewed by MATSUDA Kazunori 346
Sawai Makoto, Isurāmu no Adamu: Ningen wo Meguru Isurāmu Shinpi-shugi no Genryū (Adam in Islam : An Anthropological Approach to Sufi Thought). Reviewed by SUENO Takanori 349
James Piscatori, Amin Saikal, Islam beyond Borders: The Umma in World Politics. Reviewed by HE Jiahuan 363
Kondo Yohei, Seichoku no To no Isurāmu (Islam for Honests). Reviewed by NISHIYAMA Naoki 365
Arjan Post, The Journeys of a Taymiyyan Sufi: Sufism through the Eyes of `Imād al-Dīn Aḥmad al-Wāsiṭī (d. 711/1311). Reviewed by HARA Rikuo 369
Rico Isaacs, Alessandro Frigerio (eds.), Theorizing Central Asian Politics: The State, Ideology and Power. Reviewed by ICHIKAWA Taro 373
Anna M. Gade, Muslim Environmentalisms: Religious and Social Foundations. Reviewed by CHUBACHI Natsuki 377
Harris Irfan, Heaven's Bankers: Inside the Hidden World of Islamic Finance. Reviewed by YAMAGUCHI Jun 380

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 14 was issued (March 2021)


 Vol.14 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature1 "Islam as a Source of Contemporary Thought: New Advances and Outlooks"

Editors’ Preface (KOSUGI Yasushi, KURODA Ayaka) 1
Ijma` in Islamic Law and Islamic Thought: Tradition, Contemporary Relevance, and Prospects (IKEHATA Fukiko, KOSUGI Yasushi) 5
Normalization with Enemy or Support for Brethren?: The Debate on the Muslims’ Visits to the Israeli-occupied Jerusalem (YAMAMOTO Kensuke) 30
Extensive Islamic Legitimation in the Arab Monarchies: Overview of the Double-Edged Sword in Maintaining its Legitimate Veneer (WATANABE Shun) 60
Embodying Islamic Thought through Karate: A Reconsideration of Modern Sports and Indigenization in Iran (KURODA Kenji) 73
Halal Certification as a Modern Application of Shariah Morality: An Analysis of Malaysian Halal Standard (KIRIHARA Midori) 87

Special Feature2 "Inquiry into Coexistence Based on the Idea of 'Asian Islam'"
Editor’s Note (TONAGA Yasushi) 104
Islam of Mercy and Compassion (TONAGA Yasushi) 107
Interreligious Coexistence and the State: The Problem of the Use of the Word Kāfir in Indonesia (ARAI Kazuhiro) 115
Understanding the Relations between Christians and Bektashis: Interconfessionalism and Supraconfessionalism (Thierry ZARCONE) 124
After Criticism of Ma Dexin against Veneration of Saints: Rethinking Chinese Elaboration of Islam (NAKANISHI Tatsuya) 138

Why the Political Sources from Late Colonial India in the Aqeel Collection should be examined through a ‘History of Emotions’ Approach (Thierry Di COSTANZO) 162

Japanese Part

Sharī`a as a System of Responsibilities: Historical Formulation of Islamic Rules (Aḥkām) and its Five Categories to Encompass All Human Acts in Islamic Jurisprudence (`Ilm Uṣūl al-Fiqh) (KOSUGI Yasushi) 179
The Circular Model of Existence in the Mystical Writings of the Ottoman Sufis (MADONO Kotoko) 209
Resilience of the Nation-State System after the Refugee Crisis in Europe: Ambiguous Path of Immigration Policies on Syrian Refugees (MOCHIZUKI Aoi) 228

Research Notes
Clientelism and Protest Movement: “October Revolution” of 2019 in Lebanon (OKABE Yuki) 245
Chains of Sufis in 15th-16th Centuries Morocco: Examination through a Biographical Dictionary (TANAHASHI Yukari) 272
Ashraf `Alī Thānavī’s Conception of Sufism: Establishing the Stages of Knowledge about Ethics, Practices, and Metaphysics (HOMMA Ryusei) 283

Research Review and Research Trend
A Critical Review on Contemporary Salafism Studies: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis (YONEDA Yusaku) 307
A Survey of Previous Studies on Ibn Qayyim al-Jawzīya’s Ṣūfī Thoughts (HARA Rikuo) 319

Poems from Bang-e Darā (The Sound of the Caravan Bell) (1): A Japanese Translation of Iqbāl’s Urdū Verse (14) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 337

Book Reviews
Sinan Levent, Nihon no Chūō Yūrashia Seisaku: Tūranshugi Undō to Isurāmu Seisaku (Japanese Eurasian Policy in the Inter-war-period: The Turanism Movement and Islam Policy). Reviewed by TANADA Hirofumi 347
Takeda Toshiyuki, Gendai Arabia-go no Hatten to Arabia Bunka no Shinjidai: Wangan Shokoku, Ejiputo kara Mōritania made (Development in the Modern Arabic and the New Era of the Arabian Culture: Cases from Golf Countries and Egypt to Mauritania). Reviewed by NIITSUMA Jinichi 353
Abe Naofumi, Isurāmu-hō to Kasan: 19 Seiki Iran Zaichi Shakai ni okeru Ie / Sōzoku / Josei (Islamic Law and Family Property: Home, Inheritance, Women in Iranian Society during the 19th Century). Reviewed by IWASAKI Yoko 358
Hamanaka Shingo, Aoyama Hiroyuki, Takaoka Yutaka (eds.), Chūtō Shokokumin no Kokusai Chitsujo-kan: Yoron Chōsa ni yoru Kokusai Kankei Ninshiki to Ekkyō Idō Keiken/Ishiki no Keiryō Bunseki (World Order from the People’s Perspective in the Middle East). Reviewed by YAMAO Dai 365
Miichi Ken, Kayane Yuka (eds.), Sōsharu Media Jidai no Tōnan Ajia Seiji (Politics of South East Asia in the Age of Social Media). Reviewed by CHIBA Yushi 367
Ono Hitomi, Isurāmu-hō no Kodomo-kan: Jendā no Shiten de Miru Kosodate to Kazoku (Childhood in Islamic Law: Child-raising and Family from the Perspective of Gender). Reviewed by MORITA Toyoko 370
Usuki Akira, Nihonjin ni totte Erusaremu towa Nani ka: Seichi Junrei no Kingendai-shi (What does Jerusalem mean for Japanese People: Modern History of the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem) / Usuki Akira, “Yudaya” no Seakai-shi: Isshin-kyō no Tanjō kara Kokumin Kokka no Kensetsu made (A World History of “Jews”: From the Beginning of Monotheism to the Building Nation State). Reviewed by YAMAMOTO Kensuke 373
Masako Ishii, Naomi Hosoda, Masaki Matsuo, and Koji Horinuki (eds.)Asian Migrant Workers in the Arab Gulf States: The Growing Foreign Population and Their Lives. Reviewed by KIRIHARA Midori 379
Adachi Satoshi, Saikiteki Kindai no Aidentiti-ron: Posuto 9.11 Jidai ni okeru Igirisu no Imin Daini Sedai Musurimu (Identity Theory of Refl exive Modernity: Second-Generation British Muslims in Post 9/11). Reviewed by MOCHIZUKI Aoi 381
Noda Jin, Komatsu Hisao (eds.), Kindai Chūō Yūrashia no Chōbō (Modern Central Eurasia). Reviewed by SHIDA Natsumi 385
Alexander Betts, Louise Bloom, Josiah Kaplan, and Naohiko Omata, Refugee Economies: Forced Displacement and Development. Reviewed by NAKANISHI Moe 388

Practical Research Information
Middle Eastern Studies in the Czech Republic - Practical Guide (Ondrej BERANEK, Bronislav OSTRANSKY, Pavel SLADEK) 392
Middle Eastern Studies at the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Ondrej BERANEK, Jan ZOUPLNA) 406
Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague (Tereza JERMANOVA, Pavel SLADEK) 419

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 13 was issued (March 2020)


Vol.13 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Holy Relics and Religious Commodities in Islam"

Editors’ Preface (FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro) 1
Tension, Emotion, and Devotion: Master-Disciple Relationships and Consolidation of a Tariqa in Medieval India (NINOMIYA Ayako) 6
Neo-Traditional Sufism: The Books, the Shrine and the Relics of Sufi Barkat Ali in Faisalabad, Pakistan (Alexandre PAPAS and Ghulam SHAMS-UR-REHMAN) 14
Shrines (Qadamgah) and Relics Dedicated to Imam `Ali ibn Abi Talib in the Turkic and Indo-Persian Areas (Thierry ZARCONE) 31
Damascus and Cairo: Two Heads of Husayn for Two Kinds of Worship (Pierre-Jean LUIZARD) 50
Divine Materiality of the Vanished Sahaba: Religious Commodification of Hujr b. `Adi al-Kindi in Syria (YASUDA Shin) 56
Thinking Islam Through Things: From the Viewpoint of Materiality of the Qur'an (FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro) 69

Japanese Part

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (14) : Prof. KOMATSU Hisao
Brief Sketch of Prof. KOMATSU’s Career 81
Special Lecture of Prof. KOMATSU Hisao, “Future Prospectus from the Central Asia” (KOMATSU Hisao) 82
Questions and Answers 96
List of Publications of Prof. KOMATSU 99

Multiple Meanings of Sunna in Islam and its Correlation with Hadith: Reflections based on the Science of Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence (KOSUGI Yasushi) 108
Current Situation of Sufi Tafsir Studies in Japan: In Comparison with the West and Turkey (İdiris Danışmaz) 130
Niyazi-i Mısri’s Interpretation of Story of Prophet Musa and Khidr: The Perfect Man as a “Murshid” (MADONO Kotoko) 148

Research Notes
The Theological Thought of Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli (TANAHASHI Yukari) 160
MIUMI and Anti-Liberalism: A Trajectory of Islamism during the Democratic Consolidation Era in Indonesia (MIZUNO Yuji) 168

Research Review and Research Trend
A Survey of Previous Studies on Ashraf ‘Ali Thanavi and Subjects for Future Research (HOMMA Ryusei) 182

Ghazals (3): A Japanese Translation of Iqb.l’s Urd. Verse (13) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 211

Book Reviews
İdiris Danışmaz, Toruko ni okeru Isuramu Shinpi Shugi Shiso to Jissen (Islamic Mysticism and Practice in Turke). Reviewed by MATSUMOTO Akiro 221
Kuroda Ayaka, Isuramu Chudoha no Kosoryoku: Gendai Ejiputo no Shakai / Seiji Hendo no naka de (The Conceptual Power of the Islamic Centrism: In the Social and Political Change of Contemporary Egypt). Reviewed by NAGASAWA Eiji 224
Sato Marie, Gendai Chuto no Nanmin to sono Seizon Kiban: Nanmin Hosutokoku Yorudan no Toshi / Isuramu / NGO (Refugees and their Humanosphere in the Contemporary Middle East: Cities, Islam and NGOs in Jordan). Reviewed by KITAZAWA Yoshiyuki 227
Otoshi Tetsuya, Ejiputo Shisha no Machi to Seibo Sankei: Musurimu to Hi-Musurimu no Ejiputo Shakaishi (Visitations to the Holy Tombs and the Egyptian City of the Dead: Egyptian Social History of Muslims and Non-Muslims). Reviewed by SASHIMA Takashi 231
Fujii Chiaki, Higashi Ahurika ni okeru Minshu no Isuramu ha Nani wo Kataruka: Tarika to Sunna no Igaku (Popular Islam in East Africa: Tariqas and Medicine of the Sunna). Reviewed by SAITO Tsuyoshi 238
Kosugi Yasushi et al., Daigakusei / Shakaijin no tame no Isuramu Koza (Islamic Courses for University Students and Members of Society). Reviewed by KIKUCHI Tatsuya 248
Izutsu Toshihiko, Isuramu Shingaku ni okeru Shin no Kozo: Iman to Isuramu no Imiron-teki Bunseki (The Concept of Belief in Islamic Theology: A Semantic Analysis of Iman and Islam). Reviewed by İdiris Danışmaz 252
Usuki Yo, ‘‘Chuto’’ no Sekai-shi: Seiyo no Shogeki kara Funso / Tero no Jidai made (The World History of the ‘‘Middle East’’: From the Western Impact to the Age of Conflict and Terrorism). Reviewed by SATO Marie 260
Nagasawa Eiji, Kindai Ejiputo Kazoku no Shakai-shi (Social History of Family in Modern Egypt). Reviewed by OKADO Masaki 264
Christine Crudo Blackburn et al., Syrian Forced Migration and Public Health in the European Union. Reviewed by MOCHIZUKI Aoi 269
Ogasawara Hiroyuki ed., Toruko Kyowakoku Kokumin no Sosei to sono Henyo: Atatyuruku to Erudoan no Hazama de (The Creation and Transformation of Nation in the Republic of Turkey: Between Atatürk and Erdoğan). Reviewed by SASAKI Keisuke 271
Özlem Madi-Sisman,Muslims, Money, and Democracy in Turkey: Reluctant Capitalists. Reviewed by SUMIYOSHI Taiki 276

Practical Research Information
A Research Guide to Sarajevo Collections (Ahmed ZILDZIC) 279
Practical Information on Booksellers and Libraries in Azerbaijan: Baku (IWAKURA Ko) 304

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 12 was issued (March 2019)


   Vol.12 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Malaysian Practice of the Islamic Economy at a Crossroads: Issues and Challenges"

Editors’ Preface (Zurina Shafii and NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 1
Internal Shariah Audit Effectiveness and its Determinants: Case of Islamic Financial Institutions in Malaysia (Nurazalia Zakaria, Noraini Mohd Ariffin, Nor Hafizah Zainal Abidin) 8
Risk Management Practices in Islamic Banking: An Empirical Evidence from Malaysia (Sabri Embi, Zurina Shafii) 29
Theories Underpinning Islamic Good Governance in Cooperatives: Synthesis of Literature from the Conventional and Islamic Perspective (Rose Ruziana Samad, Zurina Shafii) 49
Understanding the Planning Process and Challenges in Shariah Audit Execution: The Case of Malaysian Takaful Operators (Noor Aimi Bt Mohamad Puad, Zurina Shafii, Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah) 69
Islamic Social Enterprise Framework: The Case of Malaysia (Nurul Aini Muhamed, Nathasa Mazna Ramli, Syadiyah Abdul Shukor, Nur Syazwani Mohamed Nasrudin) 86
Shariah Assurance in ICM: Proposed External-Internal Control Framework (Ahmad Zainal Abidin, Zurina Shafii, Noradiva Hamzah) 107

Does the Islamic World have a Platform to Express its International Public Opinion?: Case Studies on Jordan and the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) (IKEHATA Fukiko) 118

Japanese Part

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (13) : Prof. KATO Hiroshi
Brief Sketch of Prof. KATO’s Career 136
Special Lecture of Prof. KATO Hiroshi, “Islam from a Materialist Perspective” (KATO Hiroshi) 137
Questions and Answers 154
List of Publications of Prof. KATO 160

An Inquiry into the Legal Concept of Halal under Islamic Law: With Special Reference to the Correlation between the Halal/Haram Dichotomy and the Five Categories of Judicial Rules (KOSUGI Yasushi) 170

Research Note
Transformation and Limitation of Syrian Authoritarian Regime: The Root Causes of the Syrian Refugee Crisis (MOCHIZUKI Aoi) 189

Research Review and Research Trend
The Review of Previous Studies on Tariqa Jazuliya in 15-16th Century (TANAHASHI Yukari) 201

Ghazals (2): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu Verse (12) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 212
Gastronomy and Hierogamy of Decan: Dakani Urdu Poet Nusrati (KITADA Makoto) 222

Book Reviews
Sawai Kazuaki, Osuman-cho no Shokuryo Kiki to Kokumotsu Kyokyu: 16seiki Kohan no Higashi Chichukai Sekai (Food Shortage and Environment in the East Mediterranean World in the Late 16th Century ). Reviewed by KOMATSU Kaori 252
Otsubo Reiko, Shiko-hin ‘‘Kato” to Iemen Shakai (Luxury Goods ‘‘Khat” and Yemen Society). Reviewed by MATSUMOTO Hiroshi 255
Naganawa Norihiro, Isuramu no Roshia: Teikoku, Shukyo, Kokyoken 1905-1917 (Islamic Russia: Empire, Religion, and Public Sphere 1905-1917). Reviewed by OBIYA Chika 257
Izutsu Toshihiko, Kuruan ni okeru Kami to Ningen: Kuruan no Sekai-kan no Imi-ron (God and Man in the Koran: Semantics of the Koranic Weltanschauung). Reviewed by KIKUCHI Tatsuya 259
Kuroda Yuga, Rekonkisuta no Jitsuzo: Chusei-koki Kasutirya-Guranada kan ni okeru Senso to Heiwa (The True Image of the Reconquista: War and Peace between Castile and Granada during the Late Middle Ages). Reviewed by SATO Kentaro 263
Matthew S. Erie. China and Islam: The Prophet, the Party, and Law. Reviewed by NARA Masashi 266
Saito Tsuyoshi, ‘‘Ido Shakai” no naka no Isuramu: Morokko no Beruberu-kei Shogyomin no Seikatsu wo meguru Jinrui-gaku (Islam in ‘‘Mobile Society”: Anthropology on the Life and Faith of Berberian Commercial People in Morocc). Reviewed by FUJII Chiaki 269
Tanukhi, Isuramu Teikoku Yawa (Nishwar al-Muhadara wa-Akhbar al-Mudhakar). Reviewed by KAMEYA Manabu 271
Suechika Kota, Isuramu Shugi: Mohitotsu no Kindai wo Koso-suru (Islamism: Search for an Alternative Modernity). Reviewed by KURODA Kenji 273
Arata Mariko, Shoku no Hararu Nyumon: Kyo kara Dekiru Musurimu Taio (Introduction to Halal Food: Response to Muslims from Today). Reviewed by KIRIHARA Midori 275
Zamir Iqbal and Abbas Mirakhor. Ethical Dimensions of Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice Baqli. Reviewed by KAWAMUKAI Yoshiki 277
Jeremy Menchik. Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: Tolerance without Liberalism. Reviewed by MIZUNO Yuji 279
Justin Gengler. Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf. Reviewed by YOSHIDA Tomoaki 281

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 11 was issued (March 2018)


   Vol.11 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Toward the Future of Sufi Studies"

Editor’s Note (TONAGA Yasushi) 1
Re-experiencing the Myth of Adam: The Primordial Covenant on Junayd's Idea of fana' and baqa' (SAWAI Makoto) 4
The Practice and Principle of Sama` in Ruzbihan's Thought (INOUE Kie) 18
Becoming the Perfected Man (Insan Kamil) through Spiritual Journey and Practice (al-Sayr wa al-Suluk): A Study of Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi's Ma`rifetname (YAMAMOTO Naoki) 27
Niyazi-i Misri's Concept of Murshid and its Development based on the Theory of Insan Kamil (MADONO Kotoko) 35

Female Indonesian Sufis: Shattariya Murids in the 18th and 19th Centuries in Java (Oman Fathurahman) 40
‘Erasure’ and ‘Reinstatement’ in Romesh Chunder Dutt's Vision of India's Past (Thierry Di COSTANZO) 68
Ibn Arabi Thoughts in the Practice of Ordinary Muslims: From the “Ethical Interpretation” and “Practical Application” Perspective of Ismail Hakki Bursevi (Idiris Danismaz) 85
Teaching Entrepreneurial Finance in Saudi Arabia: An Overview and Prospects (Abderrazak Belabes) 95
The Role of Islamic Collateral Loans (Ar-Rahnu) in the Malaysian Credit System: Evidence from Customer's Borrowing Behaviors (KAMBARA Kentaro) 109
Islamic Cosmopolitanism in the Contemporary World: With Special Reference to the Contributions of Mohammad Hashim Kamali (KIRIHARA Midori) 128
Waqf in Malaysia and Its New Waves in the Twenty-First Century (Nur Izzati Norzilan) 140

Japanese Part

Special Feature“Commemorative Lecture of the Prince Mikasa Academic Award”
Introduction 158
The Significance of Islamic Studies (KAGAYA Hiroshi) 160
Trends and Future of South Asian and Islamic Studies: Through “Kagaya Hiroshi” Collection (YAMANE So) 162

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (12) : Prof. SUZUKI Tadashi
Brief Sketch of Prof. SUZUKI.s Career 171
Special Lecture of Prof. SUZUKI Tadashi, “My Reminiscence of Studies in Ottoman History: A Stage of the Way to My Comparative History” (SUZUKI Tadashi) 172
Questions and Answers 185
List of Publications of Prof. SUZUKI 189

The Mechanism of Religious Intolerance in Contemporary Indonesia: A Case of the Shi’a Minority in Sampang, Madura (KAYANE Yuka) 207
Social and Economic Transformations during the Prophetic Period of Islam and the Historical Developments of the Prohibition of Riba (Khashan Ammar) 225
Political Reflections on Contemporary Monarchies and Its Typologies in the Global Perspective: An Attempt to Analyze Arab Monarchical States and Their Genealogical Legitimacy (WATANABE Shun) 256

Research Note
Inclusion and Exclusion of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: Minorities and the Power Sharing Regime in Contemporary Middle East (OKABE Yuki) 304

Ghazals (1): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu Verse (11) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 313
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (11): A Japanese Translation of the Tenth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 322

Book Reviews
Nizam al-Mulk, Tochi no Syo (The Book of Government). Reviewed by FUJII Morio 387
Baba Tamon, Kyutei Syokuzai / Nettowaku / Oken: Iemen-Rasulu-cho to 13seiki no Sekai (Court Foodstuffs / Network / King’s Rights: Yemen-Rasulid Dynasty and the World of the 13th Century). Reviewed by ARAI Kazuhiro 391
Yoshida Etsuaki, Gurobaru / Isuramu Kinyu-ron (Global / Islamic Finance). Reviewed by NAGAOKA Shinsuke 394
`Abd al-Ghani Abu al-`Azm, Ghani Zahiru Arabia-go Jiten (Mu`jam al-Ghani al-Zahir = Alghani Azzahir Arabic Dictionary). Reviewed by TAKEDA Toshiyuki 397
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, Tetsugakusya no Jiko Mujun: Isuramu no Tetsugaku Hihan (Tahahut al-Falasifa = The Incoherence of the Philosophers). Reviewed by KATO Mizue 404
Tsuji Asuka, Koputo Seijin-den ni miru 14seiki Ejiputo Syakai (Fourteenth-century Egypt as portrayed in Coptic Hagiographies). Reviewed by MIYOKAWA Hiroko 407
Kisaichi Masatoshi et al., Tyuto / Isuramu Kenkyu Gaisetsu: Seijigaku / Keizaigaku / Syakaigaku / Tiiki Kenkyu no Tema to Riron (Outline of Research on the Middle East and Islam: Themes and Theories of Political Science / Economics / Sociology / Area Studies). Reviewed by CHIBA Yushi 410
Shionozaki Shinya, "Azerubaijan-jin" no Sosyutu: Minzoku Ishiki no Keisei to sono Kiso (Creation of "Azerbaijani": Formation of Ethnic Consciousness and its Underlying Strata). Reviewed by UNNO Noriko 412
Kazuyo Murata. Beauty in Sufism: The Teachings of Ruzbihan Baqli. Reviewed by INOUE Kie 417
Takaki Keiko, Tyunijia Kakumei to Minsyu-ka: Jinruigaku-teki Purosesu / Dokyumenteisyon no Kokoromi (The Tunisian Revolution and Democratization: An Anthropological Process Documentation). Reviewed by TANAKA Yuki 419
Hirose Y.ko, Azerubaijan Bunmei ga Kosaku suru "Hi no Kuni" (Azerbaijan: "The Land of the Fire" where Civilizations interlace). Reviewed by IWAKURA Ko 422
Alexander Betts and Paul Collier. Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System. Reviewed by MOCHIZUKI Aoi 426

Practical Research Information
A Guide to Bookshops in Amman, Jordan (SATO Marie) 430

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 10 was issued (March 2017)


   Vol.10 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Toward New Studies on Islamic Moderate Trends"

Editor’s Note (KOSUGI Yasushi) 1
Islamic Revival and the Majority Trend of Moderation: Personal Reflections on a Half-Century of Japanese Studies (KOSUGI Yasushi) 3
Egyptian Politics and the Crisis of the Muslim Brotherhood since 2013 (YOKOTA Takayuki) 19
What does Islamic Centrism in Egypt Strive for?: Reflection on Tariq al-Bishir's Formulation of "Tayyar Asasi" (KURODA Ayaka) 32
Aspiring to be a Leader of Moderation: A Study on Jordan’s Islamic Policy (IKEHATA Fukiko) 42

Identity, Religion and Construction of Community: The Case of Ibn Taymiya (Mohd Khair Eiedat) 54

Research Note
Profiled Figures: The Modes of Representation of Faces in South Asian Painting (IKEDA Atsushi) 67

Japanese Part

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (11) : Prof. MIYAJI Mieko
Brief Sketch of Prof. MIYAJI.s Career 83
Special Lecture of Prof. MIYAJI Mieko, “Maghrib Study and Cultural Anthropology: From Encounters with Women” (MIYAJI Mieko) 86
Questions and Answers 102
List of Publications of Prof. MIYAJI 112

5-Point Strategic Proposal to Strengthen the Study of Islam Appropriate for the Global Era of the 21st Century (KOSUGI Yasushi et al.) 124
Tribalism and Localism in Modern Libyan Politics: A Study of Ruling Actors in the Transition Period from the Kingdom to Qadhdhafi Regime (TANAKA Yuki) 131
Jerusalem Problem and Disputes over Sacred Sites after Oslo Accords: Revitalization of Islamic Movement inside Israel (YAMAMOTO Kensuke) 152
Identity Formation of the Korean Diaspora in USSR, Koryo-saram, in Perestroika Period: An Analysis Based upon Articles of Lenin Gichi, 1986 to 1991 (LEE Jinhye) 177

Research Notes
Afghan Diaspora Intellectual and Islam: The Locus of Mohammad Hashim Kamali’s Life and his Ideology (KIRIHARA Midori) 192
The Transition of Iran-Iraq Relations: The Expansion and Influence of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Thoughts (SHIOMI Hiroyuki) 205

Research Reviews and Research Trends
Research Survey on Contemporary Muslim Region in the Former Soviet Union: In Regard to Social Position of Islam (IWAKURA Ko) 217
A Survey of Previous Studies on Niyazi-i Misri, a Sufi Poet of 17th Century Ottoman Empire (MADONO Kotoko) 230

Material Research
The Qur’an Manuscripts in National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka (TAKEDA Mari) 249

Walidah-e marhumah ki yad men (In Memory of My Late Mother): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu Verse (10) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 268
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (10): A Japanese Translation of the Eighth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 275

Book Reviews
Horiuchi Masaki and Nishio Tetsuo, "Dan" to "Zoku" no Chuto: Hi-kyokai-teki Sekai wo Oyogu ("Disconnection" and "Connection" in Middle East: Study in Non-Boundary World). Reviewed by TAMURA Airi 303
Yasuda Shin, Isuramikku Tsurizumu no Bokko: Shukyo no Kanko Shigen-ka (The Development of Islamic Tourism: Commercialization of Religion). Reviewed by AKAHORI Masayuki 306
Kamada Shigeru, Isuramu no Shinso: Henzai Suru Kami towa Nanika (The Depth of Islam: What is "the Ubiquitous Allah" ?). Reviewed by NOMOTO Shin 308
Tonaga Yasushi and Imamatsu Yasushi, Isuramu Shinpi Shiso no Kagayaki: Ai to Chi no Tankyu (Brightness of Islamic Mysticism: Study of Love and Knowledge). Reviewed by MISAWA Nobuo 311
Kagaya Hiroshi, Kagaya Hiroshi Chosaku-sh, 1-3 (The Collection of Kagaya Hiroshi, 1-3). Reviewed by INOUE Aeka 313
Akiba Jun and Hashimoto Nobuya (eds.), Kindai, Isuramu no Kyoiku Shakai-shi: Osuman Teikoku kara no Tenbo (History of Education and Society in the Modern and Islam: A Perspective from the Ottoman Empire). Reviewed by HATTORI Mina 315
Kosugi Yasushi, Isuramu wo Yomu: Kuruan to Ikiru Musurimu-tachi (Understanding Islam: Muslims living with the Quran). Reviewed by YAMANE Sou 317
Hasan Banna, Musurimu Doho-dan no Shiso: Hasan Banna Ronkoshu (Originally published: Hasan al-Banna, Majmu`a Rasa'il al-Imam al-Shahid). Reviewed by SUECHIKA Kota 320
Nara Masashi, Gendai Chugoku no "Isuramu Undo": Ikinikusa wo Ikiru Kai-zoku no Minzoku-shi ("Islamic Movement" in Modern China: Ethnography of Hui Muslim who live in Minorities). Reviewed by NAKANISHI Tatsuya 322
Sunaga Emiko, Gendai Pakisutan no Keisei to Henyo: Isuramu Fukko to Urudu-go Bunka (Formation and Transformation of Contemporary Pakistan: Islamic Revival and Urdu Culture). Reviewed by TAKU Toru 324
Hattori Mina, Musurima wo Sodateru: Indoneshia no Joshi Kyoiku (Education of Muslima: Girls’ Education in Indonesia). Reviewed by KUSHIMOTO Hiroko 329
Ito Miku, Sennen no Koto Jenne: Taminzoku ga Kurasu Nishi-afurika no Machi (Djenne, A Millennium City of West Africa). Reviewed by FUJII Chiaki 332
Kubo Keiichi, Suechika Kota and Takahashi Yuriko, Hikaku Seijigaku no Kangaekata (Introduction to Comparative Politics). Reviewed by WATANABE Shun 335
Bassel F. Salloukh, Rabie Barakat, Jinan S. Al-Habbal, Lara W. Khattab and Shoghig Mikaelian. The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon. Reviewed by OKABE Tomoki 33771
Sugawara Jun and Rahile Dawut (eds.). Mazar: Studies on Islamic Sacred Sites in Central Eurasia. Reviewed by SHOJI Tsubasa 340
Zachary Valentine Wright. Living Knowledge in West African Islam: The Sufi Community of Ibrahim Niasse. Reviewed by SHOJI Tsubasa 344
Daniel Byman. Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Global Jihadist Movement: What Everyone Needs to Know. Reviewed by TAKAGI Soichiro 346

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers and Libraries in the Republic of Senegal (SUENO Takanori) 349

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 9 was issued (March 2016)


   Vol.9 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "New Waves in Islamic Economics: Renovation of the Traditional Economic Institutions (Waqf and Zakat) and Reconsidering Early Generations"

Editor’s Preface (KOSUGI Yasushi and NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 1
Revitalization of Waqf in Singapore: Regional Path Dependency of the New Horizons in Islamic Economics (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 4
Maqasid al-Shariah and Performance of Zakah Institutions (Rahmatina A. Kasri) 19
Evaluating the Impact of Productive Based Zakat in The Perspective of Human Development Index: A Comparative Analysis (Mohammad Soleh Nurzaman) 42
The Emergence of Islamic Economic Movement in Indonesia: A Political Economy Approach (Banjaran Surya Indrastomo) 63

Taha al-Hashimi and the Origins of the Iraqi Elite’s Approach to Japan (Mahmoud al-Qaysi) 79
The Quran’s Prohibition of Khamr (Intoxicants): A Historical and Legal Analysis for the Sake of Contemporary Islamic Economics (Khashan Ammar) 97

Japanese Part

Special Feature“Publication and Distribution of Islamic Books in South Asia 2”
Editor’s Preface (TONAGA Yasushi and YAMANE So) 113
AQEEL COLLECTION: Specification and Prominence (Moinuddin Aqeel) 118
‘Nationalist Muslims’ versus ‘Muslim Nationalists’ in the Contemporary History of India and Pakistan: An Essay with Reference to the Related Materials from the Aqeel Collection (HAMAGUCHI Tsuneo) 127
Sindhi Materials in the Aqeel Collection (MAMIYA Kensaku) 136
Persian Biographies of Poets in the Aqeel Collection (KONDO Nobuaki) 140
The Books on Dakani Urdu Language and Literature in the Aqeel Collection, Kyoto University[C201.208, C301.307] (KITADA Makoto) 144
Annotation of Books on Iqbal Studies in the Aqeel Collection (Muhammad Asif (and YAMANE So, tr.)) 149
Annotation of Books on Saiyid Ahmad Khan and the Aligarh Movement in the Aqeel Collection (Muhammad Asif (and YAMANE So, tr.)) 165
Annotation of Books on Contemporary Urdu Poetry in the Aqeel Collection: Faiz Ahmad Faiz, N. M. Rashid, Majid Amjad, Miraji, Akhtar Shirani (Muhammad Asif (and YAMANE So, tr.)) 172
Books on Sufism in the Aqeel Collection[A1304.1309, A1403, B003, B801.804, B901.902] (NINOMIYA Ayako) 182
Publications Related to Kashmir in the Aqeel Collection: an Overview[A309] (OGURA Satoshi) 187
Eulogies and Anniversary Articles on Maulana Maududi in the Aqeel Collection[A809] (SUNAGA Emiko) 192

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (10) : Prof. SHIMIZU Manabu
Brief Sketch of Prof. SHIMIZU.s Career 197
Special Lecture of Prof. SHIMIZU Manabu (SHIMIZU Manabu) 198
Questions and Answers 215
List of Publications of Prof. SHIMIZU 224

A Positive Paradox of Organized and Politicized Transgender (Waria) in Democratized Indonesia (OKAMOTO Masaaki) 231
Islamic Charity and its Prompt Response Capability in Jordan: A Case Study in Badr, East Amman (SATO Marie) 252

Research Notes
Diversity of Zakat Practice in Indonesia and Two Categories of its Management (ADACHI Mari) 265
Sectarian Conflicts and Religious Ideologies in the Modern Middle East: Sunni Revival Policy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (IKEHATA Fukiko) 274

Research Reviews and Research Trends
A Survey of Previous Studies on `Attar and a Prospect for My Study (ISHIKAWA Kido) 285
Research Survey on Arab Alevis in Contemporary Turkey (YAMAZAKI Satoru) 293

Tasvir-e dard (The Portrait of Pain): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (9) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 309
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (9): A Japanese Translation of the Eighth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 266

Book Reviews
Kuroda Kenji, Iran ni okeru Shukyo to Kokka: Gendai Shia-ha no Jisso (Religion and State in Iran - the Reality of Modern Shiite ). Reviewed by TOMITA Kenji 340
Chiba Yushi, Gendai Arabu Media: Ekkyo suru Rajio kara Eisei-terebi he (Modern Arab Media: From Cross-border Radio to Satellite TV). Reviewed by FUKUDA Sadashi 342
Kitazawa Yoshiyuki, Arabu Renmei: Nashonarizumu to Isuram no Kosaku (Arab League: Intersection of Nationalism and Islam). Reviewed by NAGASAWA Eiji 344
Aoyama Hiroyuki (ed.), Arabu no Shinzo ni Nani ga Okiteirunoka: Gendai Chuto no Jitsuzo (What is happening in "Arab Heart": Real Image of the Modern Middle East). Reviewed by SAKAI Keiko 346
Tanada Hirohumi, Nihon no Mosuku: Tainichi Musurimu no Shakai-teki Katudo (Japan’s mosques: Social Activity of Muslims Staying in Japan). Reviewed by MISAWA Nobuo 349
Matsumoto Hiroshi, Arabu Shokoku no Minshu-ka: 2011 nenn Seihen no Kadai (Democratization of Arab Countries: Challenges of the 2011 Coup). Reviewed by FUKUTOMI Mitsuhisa 353
Okamoto Masaaki, Boryoku to Tekio no Seiji-gaku: Indoneshia Minsyu-ka to Chiho Seiji no Antei (Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Stability of Indonesia’s Democratization and Local Politics). Reviewed by MASUHARA Ayako 355
Yoshioka Akiko and Yamao Dai (ed.), "Isuramu Koku" no Kyoi to Iraku (Threat of "Islamic State" and Iraq). Reviewed by NAKAMIZO Kazuya 357
Minesaki Hiroko, Isuram Fukka to Jenda: Gendai Ejiputo Syakai wo Ikiru Josei-tachi (Islamic Revival and Gender: Women who live in the Modern Egyptian Society). Reviewed by MATSUO Mizuho 359
Shimizu Kazuhiro, Isuramu-shi no naka no Dorei (Slaves in the Islamic History). Reviewed by SUZUKI Hideaki 362
Takahashi Kei, Sufi Kyodan: Minsyu Isuramu no Dento to Saisei (Sufi Orders: the Tradition and the Rebirth of Popular Islam). Reviewed by MARUYAMA Daisuke 364
Sahara Tetsuya, Choto Minzoku Mondai no Kigen: Osuman Teikoku to Arumenia-jin (What happened in Adana in April 1909? : Conflicting Armenian and Turkish Views). Reviewed by UENO Masayuki 367
Okawara Tomoki and Horii Satoe, Isuramu-ho no "Henyo": Kindai tono Kaiko ("Transformation" of Islamic Law: Encounter with Modernity). Reviewed by SASAKI Shin 369
Sakamoto Tsutomu, Isutanburu Koeki-ken to Iran: Sekai Keizai ni okeru Kindai Chuto no Koeki Nettowaku (Istanbul Trade Bloc and Iran: Trade Network of Modern Middle East in the World Economy). Reviewed by KOBAYASHI Atsushi 371
Takaoka Yutaka and Mizobuchi Masaki, Hizuburra: Teiko to Kakumei no Shiso (Hizb Allah: Spirit of Resistance and Revolution). Reviewed by YAMAO Dai 373
Sakurai Keiko, Iran no Syukyo Kyoiku Senryaku: Gurobaru-ka to Ryugakusei (The Strategy of Iran’s Religious Education: Globalization and Foreign Students). Reviewed by KURODA Kenji 376
Bano, Masooda and Keiko Sakurai (eds.). Shaping Global Islamic Discourses: The Role of al-Azhar, al-Medina,and al-Mustafa (Exploring Muslim Contexts). Reviewed by KURODA Ayaka 377
Roger Owen, Gendai Chuto no Kokka, Kenryoku, Seiji (State, Power and Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East). Reviewed by WATANABE Shun 380
Hosoda Naomi, Wangan Arabu Syokoku no Imin Rodosya: "Ta-gaikoku-jin Kokka" no Syutsugen to Seikatsu Jittai (Migrant Workers in the Arab Gulf States: Growing Foreign Population and their Lives). Reviewed by KIRIHARA Midori 384
Kikuta Haruka, Uzubekisutan no Seija Sukei: Toki no Machi to Posuto-Sovieto Jidai no Isuramu (The Saint Revered in Uzbekistan: The Town of Pottery and Islam of the Post-Soviet Era). Reviewed by IWAKURA Ko 387
Abbas Maleki and John Tirman (eds.). U.S.-Iran Misperceptions: A Dialogue. Reviewed by SHIOMI Hiroyuki 390
Ridge, Natasha. Education and the Reverse Gender Divide in the Gulf States. Reviewed by HIGA Chiaki 396

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers and Libraries in Tunisia: Tunis (FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro) 397

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 8 was issued (March 2015)


   Vol.8 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "The Vicissitudes of the Sufi Movement in Society: Past and Present"

Editor's Note (AKAHORI Masayuki) 1
A Preliminary Outlook on al-Sha`rani’s Defence of Ibn `Arabi and the Intellectual Milieu during Early Ottoman Egypt (ENDO Haruka) 4
Tariqas and Benevolent Associations in Early Twentieth-Century Egypt: The Case of the Society of the `Azmiya Brothers in Alexandria (TAKAHASHI Kei) 26
Redefining Sufism in Its Social and Political Contexts: The Relationship between Sufis and Salafis in Contemporary Sudan (MARUYAMA Daisuke) 40
Towards a Dynamic View of Sufism and Saint Veneration in Islam: An Anthropological Approach (AKAHORI Masayuki) 57

The Significance of Southeast Asia (the Jawah World) for Global Islamic Studies: Historical and Comparative Perspectives (Azyumardi Azra) 69
First Wind of Islamic Revivalism after World War II: Muhammad Asad (1900-92) and International Islamic Colloquium, 1957-58 (Zahid Munir Amir) 88
A New Vision of the Copts of Egypt: State Policy and Inner Difficulties (1948-1957): In Light of US State Department Documents (Noha Osman Azmy and Louay Mahmoud Saied) 103

Research Notes
The Experience and Challenges of Islamic Insurance in the Post-Soviet Space: Case Studies of Russia and Kazakhstan (Renat Bekkin) 141

Japanese Part

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (9) : Prof. GOTO Akira
Brief Sketch of Prof. GOTO.s Career 155
Special Lecture of Prof. GOTO Akira, “Unfinished Dream: A Global Human History” (GOTO Akira) 156
Questions and Answers 169
List of Publications of Prof. GOTO 177

Research Notes
The Islamic Group Uamsho’s Activities toward the Pursuance of National Sovereignty for Zanzibar (FUJII Chiaki) 183
Formation and Characteristics of Islamic Financial Sector in Brunei Darussalam (KAMBARA Kentaro) 194
Asymmetrical Structure of Israeli Palestinian Conflict and Occupation Policy: Politics of Land/Space and Demographic Dynamics (YAMAMOTO Kensuke) 207
Imam Birgivi on Sufism (YAMAMOTO Naoki) 225
Monarchies and Political Changes in the Middle East: The Position of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Arab Monarchical States (WATANABE Shun) 236

Research Reviews and Research Trends
A Comprehensive Review on the Mujahidin Movement (MATSUDA Kazunori) 246

Sham‘a aur Sha‘ir (The Candle and the Poet): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu Verse (8) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 259
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (8): A Japanese Translation of the Eighth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 266
Anthology of Sufism Series No.7 Anotated Translation of “The Revivification of Islamic Studies” by al-Ghazali (TONAGA Yasushi) 359

Book Reviews
Mori Nobuo, Saudiarabia: Ni-Seito no Shugosha (Saudi Arabia: A Guardian of Two Holy Cities). Reviewed by FUKUDA Sadashi 365
Komatsu Hisao, Gekido no naka no Isuramu: Chuo Ajia Kingendai-shi (Islam in Turbulence: A Modern History of Central Asia). Reviewed by OBIYA Chika 367
Timothy Mitchell, Ejiputo wo Shokuminchi-ka suru: Hakurankai Sekai to Kiritsu-Kunren-teki Kenryoku (Colonizing Egypt). Reviewed by YOKOTA Takayuki 370
Kosugi Yasushi and Hayashi Kayoko (eds.), Isuramu Shomotsu no Rekishi (A History of Books in the Islamic World). Reviewed by MORIYAMA Teruaki 373
Horikawa Toru, Oe Taiichiro and Ishogai Kenichi (eds.), Sharia to Roshia Teikoku: Kindai Chuo Yurashia no Ho to Shakai (Shari`a and the Russian Empire: Law and Society of Modern Central Eurasia). Reviewed by NAGANAWA Norihiro 376
Nejima Susumu, Musurimu NGO: Shinko to Shakai-Hoshi Katsudo (Muslim NGO: Faith and Social Service Activities). Reviewed by KUSAKABE Naonori 381
Kosugi Yasushi, 9.11 igo no Isuramu Seiji (Islamic Politics after 9.11). Reviewed by YAMAO Dai 385
Miura Toru (ed.), Isuramu wo Manabu: Shi-Shiryo to Kensakuho (Learning Islam: Historical Material and Retrieval Method). Reviewed by TAKAHASHI Rie 388
Hosaka Shuji, Saiba Isuramu: Ekkyo suru Kokyoken (Cyber Islam: Public Sphere Transgressing the Border). Reviewed by CHIBA Y.shi 392
Amelia Fauzia. Faith and the State: A History of Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia. Reviewed by ADACHI Mari 395
Wagemakers, Joas. A Quietist Jihadi: The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad. Reviewed by IKEHATA Fukiko 398
Achcar, Gilbert. The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising. Reviewed by MURANAKA Minako 400

Practical Research Information/span>
A Guide to Bookshops in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Tehran (UCHIYAMA Akiko) 404

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  "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 7 was issued (March 2014)


   Vol.7 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Socio-Economic Role of Islamic Finance and its Potential in the Post-Capitalist Era"

Editor's Note (KOSUGI Yasushi, Mehmet ASUTAY, NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 1
Resuscitation of the Antique Economic System or Novel Sustainable System? Revitalization of the Traditional Islamic Economic Institutions (Waqf and Zakat) in the Postmodern Era (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 3
Parallel Universes: What Islamic Finance can Learn from Socially Responsible Investment (Frauke Demuth) 20
Islahi Social Capital: A Conceptual Approach Towards Faith-Based Development and Poverty Alleviation (Maszlee Malik) 33
Exploring the Role of Islamic Microfinance Institution in Poverty Alleviation Through Microenterprises Development, A Case Study of Islamic Financial Cooperative (BMT) in Indonesia (Nur Indah Riwajanti) 49
Can Islamic Micro-financing Improve the Lives of the Clients: Evidence from a Non-Muslim Country (Tawat Noipom) 67
Economic Significance of Mosque Institution in Perak State, Malaysia (Azila Abdul Razak et al.) 98

Islamic Science (Tawhidic): Toward Sustainable Development (Mohd Yusof Hj Othman) 110
Quranic Cosmogony: Impact of Contemporary Cosmology on the Interpretation of Quranic Passages Relating to the Origin of the Universe (Haslin Hasan, Ab. Hafiz Mat Tuah) 124

Japanese Part

Special Feature “Publication and Distribution of Islamic Books in South Asia 1”
Editor’s Note (TONAGA Yasushi) 141
Aqeel Collection of Kyoto University (YAMANE So) 143
Urdu Literature in Deccan from the 14th to 17th Century (KITADA Makoto) 152
Publications Related to Saiyid Abu al-A`la Maududi in Aqeel Collection: An Overview and Potential Perspectives (SASAOKI Noriko) 162

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (7) : Prof. MATSUMOTO Akiro
Brief Sketch of Prof. MATSUMOTO's Career 172
Special Lecture of Prof. MATSUMOTO Akiro, “My 50-years Research on Islamic Thought” (MATSUMOTO Akiro) 173
Questions and Answers 180
List of Publications of Prof. MATSUMOTO 190

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (8) : Prof. HORIUCHI Masaru
Brief Sketch of Prof. HORIUCHI's Career 195
Special Lecture of Prof. HORIUCHI Masaru, “If You Consider the Meaning of the Words, You Will Find the Culture, Exploration of the Fundamental Culture of the Arabs: Under the Spell of Camels, Nomads and the Desert: Language Culture of the Arabs and its Semantics” (HORIUCHI Masaru) 197
Questions and Answers 220
List of Publications of Prof. HORIUCHI 225

Malaysian Evolution of “Mudaraba Consensus”: Challenges for the Islamic Capital Market (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 243
Perspectives on the Arab-Islamic Culture in Mauritania (TAKEDA Toshiyuki) 276
Stabilizing Party Politics: An Analysis of the Third Provincial Election of Iraq in 2013 (YAMAO Dai) 298
Financial Crises in the Gulf Countries and Their Solutions: The Innovation and the Effectiveness of the Dubai Approach (KAWAMURA Ai) 320

Research Notes
Diversity and Organic Solidarity for the Refugee Support Network in Jordan (SATO Marie) 337
Islamic Political Thoughts in Contemporary Egypt: The Matter of Religious Coexistence and the Projects of Salam al-`Awwa (KURODA Ayaka) 350

Research Reviews and Research Trends
A Comprehensive Review on the Works and Thoughts of `Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi (YAMAMOTO Naoki) 362

Badi` al-Zaman al-Hamadhani's al-Maqamat (3): A Japanese Translation of the Episode 36-51 and Conclusion (HORIUCHI Masaru) 369
Tulu`-e Islam (The Rise of Islam): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (7) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 493
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (7): A Japanese Translation of the Sixth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 499
Anthology of Sufism Series No.6 The Treatises on Saints from The Collection of Treatises and Questions by Ibn Taymiya: Introduction, Translation and Annotation (TONAGA Yasushi) 533

Book Reviews
Tonaga Yasushi, Isuramu to Sufizumu: Shimpishugi, Seija-shinko, Dotoku (Islam and Sufism: Mysticism, Saint Veneration and Ethics). Reviewed by ODA Yoshiko 541
Nakanishi Tatsuya, Chuka to Taiwa suru Isuramu: 17-19 Seiki Chugoku Musurimu no Shisoteki Eii (Islam Holding Dialogues with Chinese Civilization: Intellectual Activities of Chinese Muslims during the 17th-19th Centuries). Reviewed by MATSUMOTO Akiro 544
Yamao Dai, Funso to Kokka Kensetsu: Sengo Iraku no Saiken wo Meguru Poritikusu (Politics of State Building in Post-war Iraq). Reviewed by TAKEUCHI Shin’ichi 546
Horiike Nobuo, Chugoku Isuramu Tetsugaku no Keisei: O Tai-Yo Kenkyu (The Formation of Chinese Islamic Philosophy: A Study on the Thoughts of Wang Daiyu). Reviewed by NAKANISHI Tatsuya 548
Suechika Kota, Isuramu-shugi to Chuto Seiji: Rebanon Hizuburra no Teiko to Kakumei (Islamism and Politics in the Middle East: Residence and Revolution of Lebanon’s Hizb Allah). Reviewed by HIRANO Jun’ichi 555
Ishiguro Hirotake, Chuto Wangan Shokoku no Minshuka to Seito Shisutemu (Democratization and Quasi-Institutionalized Party System in the Gulf States). Reviewed by OMICHI Shun 559
Nathan J. Brown. When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist Movements in Arab Politics. Reviewed by WATANABE Shun 562
Azoulay, Ariella and Adi Ophir. The One-State Condition:Occupation and Democracy in Israel / Palestine. Reviewed by YAMAMOTO Kensuke 566
Habib Ahmed. Product Development in Islamic Banks. Reviewed by KAMBARA Kentato 573

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers and Libraries in Bulgaria (IWAMOTO Keiko) 577

Arabic Part


al-Tarjama fi Daw' Ru'ya al-`Alam wa Thaqafa al-Nass (Abdelkader Sellami) ١
Critical Edition of “Kitab Tahbir al-Ajras fi Sura al-Anfas by `Abd Allah al-Ghazwani of al-Jazuliya” Note sur L’ornement des cloches, au voyage nocturne des souffles (SHINODA Tomoaki) ١٠

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol. 6 was issued (March 2013)


   Vol.6 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature 1 "Narrating the Narratives of Saints"

Editor's Note (TONAGA Yasushi) 1
Narrating the Life of a Man Known as a Sufi: An Anthropological Reflection on Narratives on al-Hajj Ali al-Darqawi by His Son al-Mukhtar al-Susi and Others (SAITO Tsuyoshi) 4
Sharing the Narratives: An Anthropologist among the Local People at the Mausoleum of Fakir Lalon Shah in Bangladesh (TOGAWA Masahiko) 21
Heros de l’islam, A Secularized Hagiography of a Muslim Saint or How Political Commitment Leads to Sainthood for an Iraqi Shia Religious Leader (Pierre-Jean LUIZARD) 37
Western Visual Representations of Dervishes from the 14th Century to Early 20th (Thierry ZARCONE) 43

Special Feature 2 "The Importance of Interdisciplinary Research Connecting Historical, Anthropological, Information, and Engineering Sciences of Based on the Case Study of Spatial-Temporal GIS (DiMSIS-EX) Application"
Editor’s Note (EGAWA Hikari) 59
Residents and Society of the Duzce Region in the First Half of the 19th Century (EGAWA Hikari & Ilhan SAHIN) 65
The Importance of Interdisciplinary Research Connecting Historical, Anthropological, Information, and Engineering Science on the Case Study of ST-GIS Application: Experience from the East-Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Duzce Earthquake (KAKUMOTO Shigeru et al.) 77
An Introduction to the Spatial-Temporal GIS ‘DiMSIS-Ex’ and Its Application for the Recovery and Restoration Process after Large Disasters in Duzce City: Construction of the New Residential Area and Traffic Network (YOSHIKAWA Koji et al.) 83
Spatial Temporal GIS Based Analysis of the Pastoral Environment: A Preliminary Approach to the Transformation of Pastoral Sedentarization in a Suburban Area of Mongolia (TOMITA Takahiro) 95

Saudi Arabia’s Domestic Energy Situation and Policy: Focusing on Its Power Sector (HAGIHARA Jun) 107
A Study of the Urdu Print Culture of South Asia since the Late Eighteenth Century (SUNAGA Emiko) 136

Japanese Part

Special Feature 3 “Charm of Modern Turkish Literature: An Overview and Its Unknown Side”
Overviewing Modern Turkish Literature (KATSUDA Shigeru) 145
Genealogy of Turkish Rural Village Literature (KATSUDA Shigeru) 152
Nazim Hikmet and Islamic Mysticism: A Love Epithet of the Incarcerated (ISHII Keiichiro) 160
Turkish Post-Modern Literature: Orhan Pamuk and His Circumstances (MIYASHITA Ryo) 173
Yasar Kemal, an Indigenous and Genuine Writer from Cukurova (ISHII Keiichiro) 186

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (6) : Prof. NAGATA Yuzo
Brief Sketch of Prof. NAGATA's Career 195
Special Lecture of Prof. NAGATA Yuzo, “Looking Back over My Turkish Study” (NAGATA Yuzo) 208
Questions and Answers 223

The Modernization of Saudi Arabia: Creation of a Petrodollar Driven Consumer Society (HAGIHARA Jun) 231
The Notion of Christianity According to `Abd al-Qadir (TOKORO (TOCHIBORI) Yuko) 257
A Reconsideration of Faith Concerning Trees in the Islamic World: the Case of the Olive Tree in Tunisia (FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro) 274

Research Note
A New Horizon in Refugee Studies in the Middle East: A Case of Iraqis (SATO Marie) 293

Badi` al-Zaman al-Hamadhani's al-Maqamat A Japanese Translation of the Episode 16.35 (HORIUCHI Masaru) 305
Appendix, On Saj` Style Used in Maqamat (HORIUCHI Masaru) 428
Abu ar-Rayhan al-Biruni, The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology (3) (YAMAMOTO Keiji,
    YANO Michio)
Jawab-e Shikwah (The Answer to the Complaint): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (6) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 540
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (6): A Japanese Translation of the Fourth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 549
Anthology of Sufism Series No.5 The Life of the Friends of God by al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi: Introduction, Translation and Annotation (TONAGA Yasushi) 571

Book Reviews
Tamer Balc. & Christopher L. Miller, The Gulen Hizmet Movement: Circumspect Activism in Faith-Based Reform. Reviewed by Nevad KAHTERAN 578
KARIYA Kota, Isuramu no Shukyoteki Chiteki Renkan Mo: Arabiago Chosaku kara Yomitoku Nishi Afurika (Religious and Intellectual Network in Islam: West Africa Analyzed through Arabic Works). Reviewed by SAKAI Shinzo 580
NAGASAWA Eiji, Arabu Kakumei no Isan: Ejiputo no Yudaya-kei Marukusu Shugisha to Shionizumu (Jewish Egyptian Marxists and the Palestine Question). Reviewed by TSURUMI Taro 582
SUZUKI Tadashi ed., Osuman Teikokushi no Shoso (Some Aspects of History of the Ottoman Empire). Reviewed by KONNO Takeshi 587
Ghada Osman, A Journey in Islamic Thought: The Life of Fathi Osman. Reviewed by KURODA Ayaka 590

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.5 no.1&2 was issued (February 2012)


   Vol.5 no.1&2 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Media in the Middle East: Latest Issues"

Editor's Note (Tourya GUAAYBESS and CHIBA Yushi) 1
Media Strategies of Radical Jihadist Organizations: A Case Study of Non-Somali Media of al-Shabaab (HOSAKA Shuji) 3
Geographical Considerations or the Relevance of the National Scale (Tourya GUAAYBESS) 26
Media, Islam and Gender in Turkey (ABE Ruri) 38
A Comparative Study on the Pan-Arab Media Strategies: The Cases of Egypt and Saudi Arabia (CHIBA Yushi) 47

A Turbulent Decade between the Jordanian Government and the Muslim Brotherhood (KIKKAWA Takuro) 61

Japanese Part

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (5) : Prof. OJI Toshiaki
Brief Sketch of Prof. OJI's Career 78
Special Lecture of Prof. OJI Toshiaki, Commemorative Speech for the Prize of Daido Seimei Area Studies Award which is entitled, “India and China: Characteristics of Each Civilization” (OJI Toshiaki) 88
Questions and Answers 118

Monetary and Economic Statistics in the Gulf Cooperation Council Area: An Institutional Requirement for the Monetary Union (KANEKO Jutaro) 121
Islamic Travel Agency and Tourism Industry in Syrian Shi’ite Religious Visit (YASUDA Shin) 147
Economic Development and Trade in Jordan: Economic and Social Development Plans under the Reign of the King Hussein (IMAI Shizuka) 161

Research Notes
Necessity of Constructing the Study of Islam for a New Era of Globalization: Targets and Prospects (KOSUGI Yasushi) 175
Urdu Qur'anic Interpretation by Maulana Maududi: Tafhim al-Qur’an and its Impact in South Asia (SUNAGA Emiko) 192
Review of the Previous Studies on al-Sha‘rani and a Subject for Further Scholarly Examination (ENDO Haruka) 209

Badi` al-Zaman al-Hamadhani's al-Maqamat A Japanese Translation of the Episode 1-15 (HORIUCHI Masaru) 216
Abu ar-Rayhan al-Biruni, The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology (2) (YAMAMOTO Keiji,
    YANO Michio)
Shikwah (Compalint): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu Verse (5) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 357
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (5): A Japanese Translation of the Fourth Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 365

Book Reviews
Thierry Zarcone, Sufi: Isuramu no Shinpisyugishatachi (Le soufisme: voie mystique de l’Islam). Reviewed by KAMADA Shigeru 495
Yamane So, 4-oku no Shosuha: Minami-Ajia no Isuramu (Four Hundred Million Minorty: Islam in South Asia). Reviewed by INOUE Aeka 497
Kosugi Yasushi, Isuramu: Bunmei to Kokka no Keisei (Islam: Formation of the Civilization and the State). Reviewed by SHIMIZU Kazuhiro 499
Aidar N. Iuzeev, Filosofskaia mysl’ tatarskogo naroda: Osnovnye napravleniia razvitiia (X - nachalo XX vv.) (Philosophical Thought of Tatar Peoples: Basic Tendency of its Developmentfrom the 10th to the beginning of the 20th century). Reviewed by ISOGAI Masumi 505
Mansoor Jassem Alshamsi, Islam and Political Reform in Saudi Arabia: The Quest for Political Change and Reform. Reviewed by HAGIHARA Jun 512
Gabriele Marranci, The Anthropology of Islam. Reviewed by FUTATSUYAMA
Arzoo Osanloo, The Politics of Women’s Rights in Iran. Reviewed by UCHIYAMA Akiko 520

Field Report
Ladies’ Banking: One Aspect of Islamic Economics (KAWAMURA Ai) 525

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers and Libraries in Khartoum (MARUYAMA Daisuke) 532

Arabic Part


Haraka al-Tarjama wa Tahdith al-Lugha wa al-Thaqafa al-`Arabiya fi Misr khilala al-Qarn al-Tasi` `Ashar: Dirasa Tarikhiya Thaqafiya (Abdel Moneim Elgemaiey) ١
`Alaqa al-Ishq bi-al-Tahdhib `inda Muhammad Iqbal (Zahid Munir Amir) ١٠
Dirasa Muqarana hawla al-Adabayn al-Yabani wa al-`Arabi al-Hadith: Min Manzur Awjah al-Iltiqa' bayna “Ahlam” Natsumi Susiki wa Najib Mahfuz (Wael Mohamed Orabi) ٢٠
Juhud Ruwwad al-Nahda wa al-Majami` al-Lughawiya fi Ihya' al-Lugha al-`Arabiya wa Tahdithi-ha fi al-`Alam al-`Arabi al-Hadith (TAKEDA Toshiyuki) ٣٣
al-Kawakibi bayna Iqama al-Khilafa al-`Arabiya wa Iqama al-Dawla al-Madaniya (HIRANO Junichi) ٤٤

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.4 no.1&2 was issued (March 2011)


   Vol.4 no.1&2 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

English Part

Special Feature "Gulf Studies in Japan: New Trend, Perspective, and Approach"

Editor's Note (HOSAKA Shuji and
    HORINUKI Koji)
Japan and the Gulf: A Historical Perspective of Pre-Oil Relation (HOSAKA Shuji) 3
Reconsideration of the Meanings of the Tribal Ties in the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Emirate in Early '90s (ONO Motohiro) 25
Ethnocracy in the Arab Gulf States: Preliminary Analysis of Recent Labor Market (MATSUO Masaki) 35
Controversies over Labour Naturalisation Policy and its Dilemmas: 40 Years of Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates (HORINUKI Koji) 41
The Changing Nature of the Parliamentary System in Kuwait: Islamists, Tribes, and Women in Recent Elections (HIRAMATSU Aiko) 62

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge(3) : Prof. Khurshid Ahmad
Meeting with History: A Conversation with Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, an Islamic Economist and Activist (Mehboob ul Hassan) 74

Teachers' Concerns, Perception and Acceptance toward Tauhidic Science Education (Khalijah Mohd Salleh, et al.) 124

Research Notes
Comparative Studies of the Medicine of the Sunna and Uganga (FUJII Chiaki) 156
Theory of “Sharecropping” from an Islamic Economic Perspective: A Study of al-Muzara`a & al-Musaqat (Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohd Shafiai) 190
Forced Internal Displacement: As a Result of Political Mobilization in Iraq Post 2003 (Intissar Iedan Faraj) 210
Methodological Note on the Intellectual Landscape in the Contemporary Twelver Shi`a (KURODA Kenji) 259

Japanese Part

Special Feature 2 “ Islamic Revival in the Areas around the Indian Ocean”

Editor’s Preface for the Special Feature 2 (KOSUGI Yasushi) 268
Islamic Revivalism in Pakistan: With Political Process since 1977 (INOUE Aeka) 270
The Rise of Islamist Party, Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) in Indonesia and Its Catch-All Strategy (OKAMOTO Masaaki) 280
Islamic Revival and the U.S. Policy toward the Middle East (IZUMI Atsushi) 305

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (4) : Prof. KAGAYA Hiroshi
Brief Sketch of Prof. Kagaya.s Career 318
Looking Back over My Career (KAGAYA Hiroshi) 325
The Interviews with Prof. KAGAYA Hiroshi (YAMANE So and
    TONAGA Yasushi)

Polarized Iraqi Politics: An Analysis of the General Election on 7 March 2010 (YAMAO Dai) 347

Research Notes
Dynamism of al-Azharites in Contemporary Indonesia: Possibility of Social Network Analysis and Social Capital (KINOSHITA Hiroko) 370
Reconsideration of Lata'if Theory in Sufism (ISHIDA Yuri) 386
Discussions on “Islamization of Science” in Various Areas and International One (INOUE Takatomo) 398
Islamic Finance Legal Systems and its Issues in the Gulf Countries (KAWAMURA Ai) 410

Deceased or Brain Dead Patient Organ Transplantation Act and Excutive Bylaw in the Islamic Republic of Iran (HOSOYA Sachiko) 426
Comprehensive Law for Supporting the Rights of the Disabled in Islamic Republic of Iran (HOSOYA Sachiko) 435
The Founding Philosophy of Hamas: ‘The Charter of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” ’ (SHIMIZU Masako) 441
Saqi Namah (A Poem Addressing A Cup-Bearer): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (4) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 476
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (4): A Japanese Translation of the Third Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (MORIKAWA Tomoko et al.) 483
Anthology of Sufism Series No.4, al-Qushayri, “The Miracles of Saints” in The Epistle of al-Qushayri (al-Risala al-Qushayriya): Translation, Annotation and Introduction (TONAGA Yasushi) 551

Thematic Chronology
The Chronology of Media in the Modern Arab World (CHIBA Yushi) 554

Book Reviews
Sato Tugitaka, Isuramu no Rekisi (1): Isuramu no Soshi to Tenkai (The History of Islam (1): The Beginning and Spread of Islam). Reviewed by HASHIZUME Retsu 596
Kosugi Yasushi, Isuramu no Rekisi (2): Isuramu no Kakudai to Henyo (The History of Islam (2): The Expansion and Transformation of Islam). Reviewed by NEJIMA Susumu 599
Oroub El-Abed, Unprotected: Palestinians in Egypt since 1948. Reviewed by NISHIKIDA Aiko 602
Kenneth M. George, Picturing Islam: Arts and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld. Reviewed by SONONAKA Yoko 609
Ahmed Bouyerdene, Abd el-Kader: l’harmonie des contraires. Reviewed by TOCHIBORI Yuko 617
Azhar-ul-Haq Lodhi, Understanding Halal Food Supply Chain. Reviewed by KAWABATA Aruma 623

Field Reports
Report on On-site Study of Local Languages: Some “Islamization of Knowledge” Activities in Cairo (INOUE Takatomo) 626
Iranian Women and Visit to Emamzadeh (UCHIIYAMA Akiko) 629
Report on On-site Study of Local Languages: Multiplicity of Islamic Law (KAWAMURA Ai) 635
The Livelihood and The Meaning of Olive in Southeast Tunisia (FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro) 638

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers in Qom (KURODA Kenji) 643

Arabic Part


al-Ijtihad fi `Asrina Hadha min hayth al-Nazariya wa-al-Tatbiq (Wahba al-Zuhayli) ١
al-Naht fi al-Lugha al-`Arabiya bayna al-Asala wa-al-Hadatha: Taqaddum al-`Ulum wa-Wad` al-Mustalahat al-Haditha fi al-`Alam al-`Arabi al-Mu`asir (TAKEDA Toshiyuki) ١٠
Tajdid al-Fikr al-Islami fi al-`Alam al-Islami al-Hadith: Dirasa `an Jamal al-Din al-Afghani wa-Afkarih `an al-Imbiriyaliya wa-al-Istishraq wa-al-Tafahum bayna al-Adyan (HIRANO Junichi) ٢٢
Tarjama al-Adab al-`Arabi al-Mu`asir fi al-Yaban: Malamih `amma wa-Tajriba Shakhsiya (YAMAMOTO Kaoru) ٤٤

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.3 no.2 was issued (March 2010)


   Vol.3 no.2 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

Special Feature "Islamic Finance at the Current Stage: Scopes and Issues"
Editor's Note (Mehmet ASUTAY, KOSUGI Yasushi and NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 1
Management of Shariah Non-Compliance Audit Risk in the Islamic Financial Institutions via the Development of Shariah Compliance Audit Framework and Shariah Audit Programme (Zurina Shafii, Supiah Salleh, Syahidawati Hj Shahwan) 3
Identifying Operational Risk Exposures in Islamic Banking (Hylmun Izhar) 17
How Do Islamic Banks Manage Liquidity Risk? An Empirical Survey on the Indonesian Islamic Banking Industry (Rifki Ismal) 54
Regulatory Framework of Shari'ah Governance System in Malaysia, GCC Countries and the UK (Zulkifli Hasan) 82
Islamic Investment vs Unrestricted Investment: An Unlevel Playing Field? (Mohd Rahimie Abd Karim) 116
Contemporary Shari'a Compliance Structuring for the Development and Management of Waqf Assets in Singapore (Shamsiah Bte Abdul Karim) 143
Islamic Estate Planning: Malaysian Experience (Suhaili Alma'amun) 165

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge (2) : Professor HANAWA Haruo
Preface (J) (OKA Mari) 186
Naguib Mahfouz and I (J) (HANAWA Haruo) 188
The Interview with Professor HANAWA Haruo (J) (OKA Mari, HUKUDA Yoshiyuki, KATSUDA Shigeru, FUJIMOTO Yuko) 196

Japan and Haiderabad: Sir Sayed Ross Mas’ood’s Visit to Japan and its Impact on the Educational System of Haiderabad State in British India (Moinuddin AQEEL) 202
Islamic Approach of Economics: Some Discourses on Khurshid Ahmad's Vision of Socio-Economic Order, Self-Reliance and Economic Development (Mehboob UL HASSAN) 216
Waqf and Trust: A Comparison of Property Arrangements in Islam and the West (J) (TAKAIWA Nobutada) 241
Traditional Transmission of Islamic Knowledge in Malaysia: The Elements and Meaning of Learning (J) (KUSHIMOTO Hiroko) 255

Research Note
Media Policy in the Contemporary Egypt: In the Era of Islamic Revival between the 1970s and the 1990s (J) (CHIBA Yushi) 293

Abuar-Rayhan al-Biruni's The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology (1) (J) (YAMAMOTO Keiji,
    YANO Michio)
Masjid-e Qurtubah (The Mosque of Cordoba): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (3) (J) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 372
Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (3): A Japanese Translation of the Second Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (J) (MORIKAWA Tomoko, et al.) 378
Japanese Translation of Sadegh Hedayat’s The Legend of Creation (Afsane-ye Afarinesh) (J) (ISHII Keiichiro) 392
Anthology of Sufism Series No.3 al-Qushayri’s “Biography of Sufis” in his al-Risala al-Qushayriya (J) (TONAGA Yasushi) 406
Hunayn ibn Ishaq's The Book of Questions on Medicine (J) (YAGUCHI Naohide) 416

Book Reviews (J)
Oka Mari, Arab: Inori to shite no Bungaku (Modern Arabic Novels: the Literature as Prayer). Reviewed by HOSODA Kazue 478
Jeroen Gunning, Hamas in Politics: Democracy, Religion, Violence. Reviewed by SHIMIZU Masako 485
Sayyed Misbah Deen, Science under Islam: Rise, Decline and Revival. Reviewed by INOUE Takatomo 490
Mohammad Hashim Kamali, The Right to Life, Security, Privacy and Ownership in Islam. Reviewed by INOUE Hikari 495
Ahmet T. Karamustafa, Sufism: The Formative Period. Reviewed by ISHIDA Yuri 499
Hossein Askari, Zamir Iqbal, and Abbas Mirakhor, New Issues in Islamic Finance and Economics: Progress and Challenges. Reviewed by KAWAMURA Ai 504

Practical Research Information
Contemporary Situation of Publishers and Booksellers in Turkey (J) (MISAWA Nobuo) 509

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.3 no.1 was issued (July 2009)


   Vol.3 no.1 Table of Contents/Title Page/Colophon

English Summary  

Special Feature“Nakba after Sixty Years: Memories and Histories in Palestine and East Asia”
Editor's Note (USUKI Akira and NISHIKIDA Aiko) 1
Canaanites, Christians, and the Palestinian Agricultural Calendar (Ali QLEIBO) 9
Nakba in Narratives about Zionism (Yakov RABKIN) 21
60 Years after the Nakba: Hisotrical Truth, Collective Memory and Ethical Obligations (Nur MASALHA) 37
Zionism and the Nakba: The Mainstream Narrative, the Oppressed Narratives, and the Israeli Collective Memory (MORI Mariko) 89
Trauma and Public Memory in Central Asia: Public Respopnses to Political Violence of the State Politics in Stalinist Era in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (Timur DADABAEV) 108
NAKBA and HIBAKU: Dialogue between Palestine and Hiroshima (UNO Masaki) 139
Hiroshima, al-Nakba: Markers of New Hegemonies (Rosemary SAIGH) 151
Narrating and Listening to the Memories of Nakba in Kyoto: Dialogue between Palestine and East Asia (OKA Mari) 170
Haifa and its Refuges: The Remembered, the Forgotten and the Repressed (Sari HANAFI) 176
Origins of the Current Problems of Korean Resisdents in Japan (MUN Gyongsu) 192
Nationalism and Gender in the Comfort Women Issue (YAMASHITA Yeong-ae) 208
Palestinians from the “Seven Villages”: Their Legal Status and Social Condition (NISHIKIDA Aiko) 220
To Be or Not to Be an Arab: The Complex Identity of Arab Christians in Israel (SUGASE Akiko) 232
Turning the Restrained Social Problems into the Basis for the Inclusive Movements : A Study of the Influence the Young Men’s Muslim Associations Had in Palestine through their Charitable Activities in the Late 1920s (TAMURA Yukie) 237
Depicting the Lives of Palestinians under the Israeli Occupation: The Case of East Jerusalem (TOBINA Hiromi) 249
The Russian Origins of Zionism: Interactions with the Empire as the Background of the Zionist World View (TSURUMI Taro) 261

Interviews with the Precursors of Knowledge
The Interview with Professor Seyyed Hossein NASR (Seyyed Hosein NASR / Nevad KAHTERAN) 272

Epistemic Value of Emotions (Mojtaba ZARVANI) 282
From Bazaar to Town: The Emergence of Duzce (EGAWA Hikari, Ilhan SAHIN) 293
Interfaith Dialogue of Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaru: The Case with Omoto (J) (TAKAO Kenichiro) 293
The Separation Wall that Splits the Middle East Peace Process: The Negotiations for Autonomy between Israel and the Palestinians and Possible Options fot hte West Bank (J) (TOBINA Hiromi) 325

Research Survey Articles
The Writings and Thought of al-Amir `Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza'iri (J) (TOCHIBORI Yuko) 348
The Research Survey of Ismail Ankaravi (J) (SONONAKA Yoko) 361

Research Notes
Jordan and the Palestinian Question: The State Determined by Conflict and Identity Complex (J) (IMAI Shizuka) 373
Developments of ‘Islamization’ in South Asia and Historical Discourses in Pakistan (J) (SUNAGA Emiko) 386

Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (2): A Japanese Translation of the First Part of `Ajayib al-Mahluqat (J) (MORIKAWA Tomoko, et al.) 403
Iblis ki Majlis-e Shura (The Satan’s Council): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (2) (J) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 442
Rabah Belamri’s Regard blesse: Japanese Translation of an Algerian Modern Novel (1) (J) (UDO Satoshi) 448
Thanavi’s Bihishti Zewar: Hukm about the Marriage in the Muslim Society of North India (J) (MAKINO Mari) 461

Book Reviews (J)
SATO Minoru, Ryuchi no shizen gaku: Chugoku Isuramu shiso kenkyu josetsu (Liu Zhi’s Physics: Introduction to the Studies on Chinese Islamic Philosophy). Reviewed by MATSUMOTO Akiro 477
Yukiko Miyagi, Japan’s Middle East Security Policy: Theory and Cases Reviewed by YOSHIOKA Akiko 480
Togawa Masahiko, Seijatachi no kuni e: Bengaru no shukyo bunkashi (Toward the Country of Saints: Religious and Cultural Ethnography in Bengal). Reviewed by HAMAYA Mariko 484
‘Atif ‘Adli al-‘Abd, al-Idha‘a wa al-Tilifizyun fi Misr: al-Madi wa al-Hadir wa al-Afaq al-Mustaqbaliya Reviewed by CHIBA Yushi 489

Field Reports
Report on On-site Study of Local Languages: Relationship between the Arab World and the Palestine Problem (J) (IMAI Shizuka) 494
Report on the On-site Study of Local Languages: The Situation of Media in Egypt (J) (CHIBA Yushi) 497

Practical Research Information
Practical Information on Booksellers in Islamabad and Lahore (J) (SUNAGA Emiko) 503

IAS Activity Report (J)

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.2 no.2 was issued (March 2009)


   Vol.2 no.2 Table of Contents/Colophon

English Summary  

Special Feature “Islamic Moderate Trends in South Asia”
Editor's Note (YAMANE So) 1
Commencement of Printing in the Muslim World: A View of Impact on Ulama at Early Phase of Islamic Moderate Trends (Moinuddin AQEEL) 10
Muhammad Iqbal's Concept of Islam (Zahid Munir AMIR) 22
The Influence of the Ottoman Print Media in Japan: The Linkage of Intellectuals in the Eurasian World (MISAWA Nobuo) 36
Islamic Moderate Trends and Printing Media: A Reflection on Modern Islamic Reformers in the Arab World (HIRANO Junichi) 43

Rumi's Philosophy of Love in the Era of U-turned Islam (Nevad KAHTERAN) 51
Arabic Language Textbooks in Japan and Grammatical Terms Used in them: A Survey of the Terms in a Comparative Manner and Suggestions for their Improvement (J) (KOSUGI Yasushi, OKAMOTO Tahei, TAKEDA Toshiyuki) 63
The Roll of the Political Party in Pakistan: the Case of the Pakistan People's Party (J) (MAMIYA Kensaku) 96
Debates on “Why the Arabic Language Has I`rab” : With a Special Reference to the Formation of the Modern Arab World and Grammatical Reforms (J) (TAKEDA Toshiyuki) 105
Israeli Occupation Policy and Palestinian Tactics in Jerusalem: From the Case of Residence Construction (J) (TOBINA Hiromi) 131
The Day Iraqi Nationalism Achieved its Victory: An Analysis of the Iraqi Local Election on January 31, 2009 (J) (YAMAO Dai) 152

Research Notes
An Analysis of the Introductory Remarks of Abu al-Shaykh's Kitab al-`Azamah (J) (KATO Mizue) 176
Islamic Financial Transactions under the Laws and Regulations of Japan (J) (TAHARA Kazuhiko) 188

Muhammad b. Mahmud Tusi's `Ajayib al-Mahluqat wa Garayib al-Mawjudat (1) (J) (MORIKAWA Tomoko, et al.) 198
Khizr-e Ruh (Wondering Khizr): A Japanese Translation of Iqbal's Urdu Verse (1) (J) (MATSUMURA Takamitsu) 219

Thematic Chronologies
The Chronology of the Sayyida Zaynab Shrine and Shi`ite Ziyara (J) (YASUDA Shin) 227
The Chronology about al-Amir `Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza'iri (J) (TOCHIBORI Yuko) 248

Book Reviews (J)
Stephane A. Dudoignon, Komatsu Hisao, Kosugi Yasushi (eds.), Intellectuals in the Modern Islamic World: Transmission, Transformation, Communication. Reviewed by YAMANE So 289
Yoav Alon, The Making of Jordan: Tribes, Colonialism and the Modern State. Reviewed by IMAI Shizuka 303
Yasmin Khan, The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan. Reviewed by SUNAGA Emiko 308
Ismail Rusuhi Ankaravi (hazirlayanlar Semih Ceyhan, Mustafa Topatan), Mesnevi'nin Sirri Dibace ve Ilk 18 Beyit Serhi. Reviewed by SONONAKA Yoko 311
Kai Hafez ed. Arab Media: Power and Weakness. Reviewed by CHIBA Yushi 317
Jillian Schwedler, Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen. Reviewed by YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi 322

Practical Research Information
An Annotated List of Books on Arabic Grammar Collected by the International Training Program (ITP) for Younger Researchers Project, Kyoto University (J) (TONAGA Yasushi, OKAMOTO Tahei) 329
A Bookshop Guide for Arabian Gulf Countries: Kuwait (J) (HIRAMATSU Aiko, HORINUKI Koji) 37829

IAS Activity Report (J)

Contribution Rule (J)

(J) ..... Written in Japanese

 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.2 no.1 was issued (September 2008)


   Vol.2 no.1 Table of Contents/Colophon

English Summary  

Rethinking Tariqa: What Makes Something Tariqa?
Editor's Note (TONAGA Yasushi) 1
No Sufism without Sufi Order: Rethinking Tariqa and Adab with Ahmad Kasani Dahbidi (1461-1542) (Alexandre PAPAS) 4
“Tariqas” without Silsilas: The Case of Zanzibar (FUJII Chiaki) 23
Institutionalized Sufism and Non-Institutionalized Sufism: A Reconsideration of the Groups of Sufi Saints of the Non-Tariqa Type as Viewed Through the Historical Documents of Medieval Maghreb (KISAICHI Masatoshi) 35
To Whom Do You Belong? Pir-Murid Relationship and Silsila in Medieval India (NINOMIYA Ayako) 47
Anthropology of Tariqa Rituals: About the initiatic Belt (Shadd, Kamar) in the Reception Ceremony (Thierry ZARCONE) 57

East Asia, Middle East and the World Economy: The Impact of the Oil Triangle on the International Economic Order (J) (SUGIHARA Kaoru) 69
Nursing and Islam in Modern Iran: The Body Care of Male Patients by Female Nursing Professionals (J) (HOSOYA Sachiko) 92
From Regional Diversity to Transregional Integration: A Study on Short-Term Liquidity Instruments (‘Inah and Tawarruq) in Islamic Finance (J) (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 163
Portrait of Imamite Jurists in Modern and Contemporary Times: Learning Process of Jurisprudences in Modern Iran-Iraq (J) (KURODA Kenji) 183
The Idea of Islamic International Congress and al-Kawakibi’s Contribution to It (J) (HIRANO Junichi) 203

Research Notes
Microfinance in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan: Practices and Problems in the Prevailing System and Prospects for Islamic Finance (Mehboob UL-HASSAN) 231
Researcher and the Reflexivity: An Analysis on Discourses of the Japanese Women Who Visited Saudi Arabia (J) (TSUJIGAMI Namie) 238

Anthology of Sufism Series No. 2: al-Kalabadhi's al-Ta`arruf li-madhhab ahl al-tasawwuf, chap. 32, “What is Tasawwuf?” (J) (TONAGA Yasushi) 250
The Declaration and the Platform of Islamic Revolution in Syria (J) (末近 浩太) 257

Material Research
Two Recent Editions of Rašid al-Din's History of China (J) (YAJIMA Yoichi) 271

Academic Reports
Recent Studies of Islamic Economics: A Report on Two International Academic Conferebces (J) (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 279
Current Activities of the “International Centre for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies”, 9th Conference in Victoria, Canada (J) (YAMAO Dai) 285

Book Reviews (J)
Kikkawa Takuro. Isuramu Seiji to Kokumin Kokka: Ejiputo Yorudan ni okeru Musurimu Dohodan no Senryaku (Islamic Politics and Nation State: The Strategies of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan). Reviewed by MIICHI Ken 288
Augustus Richard Norton. Hezbollah: A Short History Reviewed by MIZOBUCHI Masaki 292
Olivier Schlumberger ed. Debating Arab Authoritarianism: Dynamics and Durability in Nondemocratic Regimes Reviewed by KIKKAWA Takuro 296
James A. Millward. Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang Reviewed by SHIMIZU Yuriko 299
Maurana Shaifu to shite Shirareru Deshi, 15 Seiki Chuo Ajia no Seijaden Hoja Afuraru no Makamato (Mawlana Shaykh, Maqamat-i Khwajah Ahrar), tr. by Kawamoto Masatomo. Reviewed by NAKANISHI Tatsuya 305
Markaz al-Khalij li-l-Dirasat fi Dar al-Khalij. 2007. al-Taqrir al-Istratiji al-Khaliji 2006-2007; Gulf Research Center, Gulf Yearbook 2006-2007 Reviewed by HORINUKI Koji 315
Ahmad Dayyin. Al-Dimuqratiya fi al-Kuwayt: Masaruha, Waqi‘uha, Tahaddiyatuha, Afaquha Reviewed by HIRAMATSU Aiko 319
Kamran Scot Aghaie ed. The Women of Karbala: Ritual Performance and Symbolic Discourses in Modern Shi’i Islam Reviewed by YASUDA Shin 325

Field Report
A Report of the International Training Program “On-site Education of Practical Languages for Area Studies”: Arabic Learning at Cairo University in Egypt (J) (HIRAMATSU Aiko) 332

Practical Research Information
Preliminary Guide to Several Libraries in India (J) (NINOMIYA Ayako) 337

IAS Activity Report (J)

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.1 no.2 was issued (December 2007)


   Vol.1 no.2 Table of Contents/Colophon

English Summary  

Islamic Economics: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives in a Global Context
The Editor's Introduction to the Special Feature (KOSUGI Yasushi) 1
A Political Economy Approach to Islamic Economics:Systemic Understanding for an Alternative Economic System (Mehmet ASUTAY) 3
Community Development Financial Institutions:Lessons in Social Banking for the Islamic Financial Industry (Salma SAIRALLY) 19
Islamic Microfinance: A Missing Component in Islamic Banking (Abdul Rahim ABDUL RAHMAN) 38
Capital and Money Markets of Muslims: The Emerging Experience in Theory and Practice (Seif I. TAG EL-DIN) 54
Beyond the Theoretical Dichotomy in Islamic Finance:Analytical Reflections on Murabahah Contracts and Islamic Debt Securities (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 72
The Islamization of the Economy and the Development of Islamic Banking in Pakistan (Mehboob ul-HASSAN) 92

Comparative Philosophy and Cross-cultural Dialogue in the Bosnian Context (Nevad KAHTERAN) 110
Integration of Sciences in the Islamic World: Reflections on the Reciprocity between Religion and Science (J) (KOSUGI Yasushi) 123
Democratization and Islamic Politics: A Study on the Wasat Party in Egypt (YOKOTA Takayuki) 148
Cases from Muslim Societies in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia (J) (KOSUGI Maria) 165
Supreme Shi.ite Authority Speaking on National Integration in Post-war Iraq: A Study on the Fatwas of Aya Allah al-`Uzma al-Sistani (J) (YAMAO Dai) 210
Association of Uyghur People Viewed from Their Family Dining: Cases from the Families in Kashgar (J) (KUMAGAI Mizue) 270

Research Notes
Potentialities of Ethnomedicine: Notes on a Paradigm for a Sustainable Humanosphere (J) (KASEZAWA Masato, TANABE Akio) 330
The Range of Discourses on Anatolian Sufism: A Focus on Sufism Studies in Turkey (J) (DANISMAZ Idiris) 314
Rethinking Politics and Islam in Post-Revolutionary Iran: A Study on the Hawza as an Educational and Socio-Political Institution (J) (KURODA Kenji) 333
The Transformation of Kuwaiti Society and Democratization: A Methodological Inquiry into the Questions of Islam, Tribe and Women’s Political Participation (J) (HIRAMATSU Aiko) 353

Anthology of Sufism Series No.1 Kitab al-Zuhd by Ibn al-Mubarak. (J) (TONAGA Yasushi) 367
Islam and the Modernity in the Thought of Sayyid Jamal al-Din al-Afghani: Jamal al-Din al-Afghani's Radd `ala al-Dahriyin. (J) (HIRANO Junichi) 372

Thematic Chronology
The Chronology of Key Figures in the Initial Period of Twelver Shi`ism (J) (YOSHIDA Kyoko) 408

Academic Reports
Recent Studies of Palestinian Political Attitudes (J) (HAMANAKA Shingo) 425
The Third Central Municipal Council Elections in Qatar: Silent Advancement toward Inaugural National Elections (J) (KIKKAWA Takuro) 432
Current Activities of the “International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies,” 2nd Conference in Amman (J) (YAMAO Dai) 437

Book Reviews (J)
Simone Ricca. Reinventing Jerusalem: Israel's Reconstruction of the Jewish Quarter After 1967. Reviewed by TOBINA Hiromi 440
Abdulkader Thomas ed. Interest in Islamic Economics: Understanding 'riba'. Reviewed by NAGAOKA Shinsuke 445
Paul Dresch and James Piscatori eds. Monarchies and Nations: Globalisation and Identity in the Arab States of the Gulf. Reviewed by HORINUKI Koji 450
Howard Federspiel. Sultans, Shamans & Saints: Islam and Muslims in Southeast Asia. Reviewed by KINOSHITA Hiroko 455

Practical Research Information
The Significance and Role of Practical Research Information (J) (TONAGA Yasushi) 463
A Bookshop Guide for Arab Gulf Countries: UAE, Qatar and Bahrain (J) (HORINUKI Koji) 464

IAS Activity Report (J)

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 "KIAS Bulletin" vol.1 no.1 was issued (April 2007)


   Vol.1 no.1 Table of Contents/Colophon

Inaugural Introduction
English Summary
Inaugural Introduction (J)

KIAS Opening Speeches
Launching a New Series of Islamic Area Studies: Our Tasks and Objectives (J) (KOSUGI Yasushi) 1
New Perspectives on Sufism/Tariqa Studies in Japan (J) (TONAGA Yasushi) 12
Studies on Islam in South Asia: Significance and Prospects (J) (YAMANE So) 23

Palestine Question and Islamic Movement: The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) Roots of Hamas (Azzam TAMIMI) 30
The Invocation of Saints and/or Spirits by the Sufis and the Shamans: About the Munajat Literary Genre in Central Asia (Thierry ZARCONE) 52
Theoretical Types of Islamic Finance in the Lists of Financial Institutions: Towards the Study of the History of Islamic Economics (J) (NAGAOKA Shinsuke) 62

Research Notes
“Prophetic Medicine” in the Contemporary Islamic World: Field Data from Zanzibar (J) (FUJII Chiaki) 119
Theories of Wali according to the Theology of the Maturidi School (J) (MARUYAMA Daisuke) 125

Field Survey
Data on Zawiyas in Contemporary Zanzibar (FUJII Chiaki) 135

Hizb Allah's Logic of Resistance: Hasan Nasr Allah's "Victory Speech" (J) (SUECHIKA Kota) 150
The Concept of the Shi`ite Islamic State in Modern Iraq: Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr's "Origin of Power" (J) (YAMAO Dai) 172
An Islamic Reformer's Response to Modern Thought in the Latter Half of the 19th Century: Jamal al-Din al-Afghani's Radd `ala al-Dahriyin. (J) (HIRANO Junichi) 198

Bibliography of the Books on “Prophetic Medicine” Circulated in Contemporary Tanzania (J) (FUJII Chiaki) 226

Academic Report
Current Activities of the “International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies” (J) (YAMAO Dai) 240

Book Reviews (J)
Yokota Takayuki. Islam and Mass Movements in Contemporary Egypt. Reviewed by NAGASAWA Eiji 244
Azzam Tamimi. Hamas: Unwritten Chapters. Reviewed by YOKOTA Takayuki 247
Liyakat N. Takim. The Heirs of the Prophet: Charisma and Religious Authority in Shi'ite Islam. Reviewed by KURODA Kenji 250
al-Sayyid Yusuf. Jamal al-Din al-Afghani wa al-Thawra al-Shamila. Reviewed by HIRANO Junichi 252
Christopher M. Davidson. The United Arab Emirates: A Study in Survival. Reviewed by HORINUKI Koji 256

IAS Activity Report (J)

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